Stuff we need help with

There are some things we could use some help with. so if you feel like supporting our project and would like to contribute something, then here is a little list of things we would like to establish within the next months. maybe if you are up for it or have certain skills or resources that we do not have then maybe you could help us out. in return we would be totally down to play a benefit gig to support your project, (but we would be pretty up for that at all time though, not just if you help us out ofcourse) or do a exchange in some way. We think it is totally cool if we can all help each others projects grown without reinforcing capitalist mindsets.

so here is our little list:

We would like to have some tshirts and patches. so we are looking for a place to screenprint, no one of us has ever really done that before so we might need some help getting started.

People with vans, or cars that are up for driving us on a tour, or for some dates, or cars of vans we can borrow. We hitchhike or take busses to shows when we are on tour but this is very exhausting, so if you know we play somewhere, and you have sometimes to drive us to the next gig, that would be amazing.

A website.

A video-clip. so some video editting skills and cameras and stuff.

also we travel with a distro, so if you would like it if we would take your zine with us or promotion material for a campaign or projects, we would be happy to put it in our big suitcase that we take on tours.