New Album Resilience

We are removed from that which we put inside our bodies. These rooms that we lock ourselves into are dizzyingly sterile, white and smelling of containment. Of course we have lost the memory of mud between our toes, of the swaying trees and the singing of the birds that live in them.

These headlights root us to the spot as the spectacle unfolds around us. Our desires are buried in muffled shells. Only when we start to have conversations again with ourselves and the natural world around us, will we find reconnection and healing.

This album has been our attempt to connect, and to address feelings of alientation and powerlessness.

We are so grateful to everyone that has moved us, inspired us, loved us and taught us, as individuals and as a band. Thanks to those that have welcomed us, made us tea, and put us up in so many places. There is such a importance in free spaces that we can experiment, grow, play and resist in together.

Thanks to Paper Jam for printing this beautiful booklet.
Thanks to Klaas for recording this album with us, and playing a big part in the manifestation of this project.
Thanks to Riotska records, and all the people that put up with our chaos and our ever changing plans.

And a shout out to everyone who, whether through spoken or written word, or through acts of passion, push their ideas and critiques forward, and actualise their desires for freedom. ­

Here is the link to our new album on bandcamp:
you can order it onlinesies on our bandcamp <3

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