Smash the freakin patriarchy tour 2016

we are planning a biggass tour in mainland europe, we still have some dates to fill, so if you feel like helping
out that will be very much appreciated. also, we would love to hang out, we will be travelling with some cool zines and cds and all of that. we even made badges.

25 Joes garage
26 Bajes dorp
27 Utrecht (need help)

29 AZ Wuppertal

2 Brussel
3 Ghent (help)

4/5/6 places in paris, dont know details

12 Brest cool rural radical place

17 Marseille La Salle Gueule

after this we will go down to spain, girona, barcelona, vila nova, end goal: Malaga. Dates for this will come over time!

check out our music!

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