We like the tour!

So we are a little bit of the way through our tour, and we’re having a lot of fun! So far we have played in Joe’s Garage and Bajesdorp in Amsterdam, The Office in Utrecht, Wagonplatz in Groeningan and tonight at Pinos, also in Groeningan. Every show has been sweet, lots of people dancing and shouting our words back to us so that has been really fuckin cool, thanks everyone for feeding us, giving us a place to sleep and generally being really amazing for keeping these spaces active and political.

We have a better overview of the rest of the tour, so here are our official dates, and we will try to keep peeps updated with our last minute/secret shows

31 Jan – Pinos, Groeningan
3rd Feb – Landhuis, Ghent
5/6th – CNT offices, Paris
12th – Le Hangar Associatif, Saint Cadou
14th – L’Etincelle, Angers
17th – La Salle Guelle, Marseille
21st – Kan Kolmo, Girona

We are still potentially looking for shows around these places so if anyone feels like having us play in their space, give us a shout at cistemfailure@riseup.net.

Catch u cool cats later!

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