Touring, Speculums, baguettes!

We have had a great time in paris, and are on a bus now taking us to rennes, to get to st. Cadou a tiny tiny town where we will be playing in a cool cooperative.

we played a great show at the CNT offices in Paris and helped to raise a bunch on money for a squat and for calais migrants. We were quite impressed with how well it was organised, there where lots of cool books, but sadly enough for us most of them were in french, and really good food. we are making an effort to introduce our songs in french, i do not really know if this is working well, but if not i guess it would be a funny sight.

Climbing over barriers to get to the metro, busk there, eat baguettes. We even went to see some cool historic stuff. This is the place where the paris commune happened. where working class peeps took control of paris, and ruled there with their own revolutionary government(?). After 5 months they all got brutually murdered, but still. the french peeps murdered their own king. just imagining that happening nowadays, going to the house of bill gates, or some monarch, loot the place, torch some stuff. take control of amsterdam, declare it autonomous.

In other news, apart from a shit ton of zines, badges, cds, and handmade menstrual pads we got about 40 speculums the other day to add to our distro, which is getting quite heavy. Some of us where inspired about this zine that talks about self examination and genitals and stuff. Speculums are these things that peeps use to open your cervix so you can find lost items in your vagina, or to have a look about, and get more in touch with your body. So headtorches and mirrors at the ready! you can get one now if you go to any of our upcomming shows. We have four different sizes!

Also we have so pretty cool anouncements to make, and some really fucking cool stuff is going to happen in the future, we might play some festivals, and we might be playing with some bands that we really really like:

Like Appalachian terror unit, the first of may at the cowley club
and with days n daze the 18th of august in Bambara groningen.
this is all for now as we do not want to reveal everything just yet. We are planning future tours and lots of cool stuff!

Lastly, we have had a few changes in the band in the last weeks, and because of some difficult internal stuff that we as a group have to work out, at the moment we are just travelling with the two of us on banjo and our wonderful friend managing the distro. This situation was shitty for everyone and it leaves us thinking about our behaviours and socialisations that are formed over years of living in a capitalistic, patriarchal society. We need to support each other in challenging and being critical of our actions, as we have to smash the destructive elements of this world in our heads before we can build anything constructive for each other. So yeah,thats been on our minds a lot recently, and we hope that we can find some solutions.

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