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Here is a new song that we filmed somewhere on a mountain in france. recently we have been feeling like we want to do some more things to support hunt sabs in england, and in the next days we will announce some cool projects that we want to start. also we booking some tours for the summer. so yeah, busy busy.. Also within the next days a new compilation cd from AFIACH will release with a song of us on it! one of the compilation cds is to raise funds against a arms factory and the other one to raise funds for cardiff defendant solidarity. more about these groups when we post the actual link to the cd. so lots of cool things. Also The Afiach distro has said they might want sell fysical copies of our cds, wich is cool cus we are always on the road. but the cd covers are in germany somewhere and noone seems to be able to find them…. but yeah, cool things are gonna happen!
so stay tuned!

Female accociated people throughout history (particulairly since the rise of capitalism and the existance of church have been viewed as a commodity, that were owned by men. First by their fathers, then by their husbands, they were owned and at the mercy of their masters – something that can be linked with racism and slavery where people have been sold, used, abused for the gain of others.
In our modern world we like to forget these things, try to hide this painful past, sweeping it under the carpet. we can even debate about how much of a past it actually is, when we live in a culture that still celebrates and commemirates colonialism and the people that made fucking slavery and the burning of women happen.

Our society relies upon hierachal structures to maintain power, and whilst people are quick to attack the rich, privileged and powerful that exploit us, there is an uncomfortable silence or defensive anger when people are confronted with the role that they play in maintaining human supremacy. Power is given to people by capitalism. people feel entitled, they feel like they have the right to decide and even own other bodies. This false sence of entitlement is very much unchallenged when it is about the bodies of animals, because humans do not view animals as a possible equal, we seem to think they are there for us to use, abuse, commidfy. put into this world for us humans to view as resources. The resources that are most abused is the female reprocutive system. Cows being forced to give milk, being seperated from their babies, chicks and their eggs, pigs who have to reproduce as much babies as possible in a year. We are taught that some animals deserve more protection and respect than others, we will fight and campaign for one, but will disregard and eat another, or buy products that were tested on animals. People try to save lives of animals, but are criminalised and treated as terrorists.

Alot of the time when people defend their veganism or vegitarianism, they use arguments that evolve around compassion and pity.
but we feel like alot of support can also be from solidarity. As female associated persons we are used to people making comments about bodies, and diminishing people to something for their entertainment, how is that diffrent from people seeing a cow, and saying, ow look, a future steak. just because they are diffrent does not mean we are better, or surperior.

Today on facebook we saw a post of a friend, about a devastating end to a day of hunting in south east england. An animal was brutally attacked by the hounds, and after died either from shock or from internal bleeding. People take pleasure and satisfaction from killing exhausted, terrified and innocent beings, its sickening. This world that we live in encourages, normalises and celebrates the violence and destruction against other beings. Its this mentality that keeps human supremacy firmly in place, because if we are not able to see how fucked up our behaviour as a species has become, then we will never learn how to challenge the ways that we live that are destructive.

Your little heart beating too fast for your body
You panic cause you sense its time to die
Theres others around you and they can feel it too
You try to escape but theres no room to run or fly
In the clutches of the machines meant for killing
You struggle but the force is just too strong
And in the moments that follow your precious life is ended
In the name of convenience and consumption

We are not entitled to your body
To the fur and skin that keeps you warm
Your milk is for your babies
Your eggs should not be forced
We must see that your life is yours

We treat you as our slaves to do our bidding our entertaining
Then murder you when you’re no longer of use
We put you through the pain of existence when you’re the victims
Of our aggressions our hate and our abuse
We cut you up we burn you we tamper with your brains
To further scientific research
We skin you alive and sell you for the highest price to be paraded on the catwalks of the earth

We do not have the right to own you
To decide what kind of life you’re going to live
And yet the chains that we have tightened around your necks
Must be cut for our reign to finish

Get your hands off of them
Get your teeth out of them

They’re not yours to abuse
They’re not yours to control
They’re not yours to eat
They are their own animals

Get your hands off of them

for more info about this read
animals and anarchism
and freeganism is not anarchy its just easy

Support your local huntsabs, as well as anyone who is active in fighting against human supremacy.

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