We are getting close to our last tour date in this little tour we are doing.
I just want to give you all a little update about what is going on with our band and what our plans are and what has happened on this last tour.

So we had the chance to play some amazing events. The after party of the anarchist bookfair in bristol, organized by LaDIYfest, a benefit gig for a woman centre in kobane, AZ fest in Aachen and Alerta Alerta (a antifascist fest in amsterdam).
Its been a blast! alot of distance, alot of buses, but so many amazing people, music, food!
it is very hot in amsterdam, and i am enjoying a cold drink, and listening to this new compilation cd that came out to support prisoners in Belarus. We are so amazed that a year or so ago we where just playing on the street and doing some solo stuff and now we are on a cd with all these amazing artists, playing these cool venues where people even know our lyrics. its crazy.

So yeah, we are getting all these cool gig requests and we are trying to make them work, it weird how we dont have jobs and love freedom, but already have a 3 month schedule when it comes to gigs. we realized over the last months its quite important to also do fun stuff while touring that are not so much music related, go hang out in nature, and travel to places that we actually want to go to. because we dont know how sustainable non stop hitching, gigging and going from place to place is on such a long term. So we are looking a bit more for people who are willing to lent us a car (since we are only with 2) for some parts of tours.

Its weird to sing about all the topics that we find important but not actually being able to really involve ourself into a lot of projects anymore because we are touring and traveling so much. So we are trying to do what we can while being on the road. Also if you know we are playing in your town, and you want us to bring some punkpost, or info material to the next cities in our tour you totally can ask us for this and we would be happy to!

We have been playing some new songs and are talking about a next album and all of that. we have been focusing a bit more on becoming a metal band and are playing more and more plugged in shows which is really fun and opens up alot of new possibilities. Also we are working on this hunt sab benefit compilation cd. so yeah, busy busy. We have been talking about writing a zine as well. but i dont think it will be realistic in the next months.

Alot of people have been offering to help us recently, which is super amazing, because making merch and being on the road at the same time is quite difficult, also we dont really life anywhere, or we dont have a base, its cool that people support this project.

anyway. we are still trying to slay the dragon of patriarchy, although i think dragons are pretty cool. still on a epic quest. still buskin, our hair is growing longer, which is great because you know, metal and headbangin and all of that. We have been talking about doing a metal photoshoot, since we are a metal band now.

Soon it is also possible to order our cds from Riot ska records!

this blogpost is quite long, but i feel its good to kind of speak about whats going on with us, and all of that.

Please feel free to contact us about anything!

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