Taking a break, then back on the road!

For the last month or so, we have been taking a break from playing shows, and from each other; which has been really necessary after the tour – it was so much fun and we had some really wonderful times, but also its pretty tiring considering we have been travelling around and not really having a base for so long. So this time off is really great and now we are ready to get back on the move soon!

here are the shows that we have booked over the next few months, plus some more info that we can announce nearer the time because of secret things:

28th – 0161 eve gig – Ziferblat, Manchester (UK)
30th – Anarchist Bookfair LaDIY Afterparty – Stag and Hound, Bristol (UK)

1st – May Day All Dayer – Cowley Club, Brighton (UK)
5th – AZ Fest – AZ, Aachen (DE)
8th – Alerta Alerta Fest – OCCII, Amsterdam (NL)
13th/15th – potentially in Paris (FR), TBC

15th – Cotbuss (DE)
somewhere in Prague (CZ) here
24/25th – Vienna (AU)

14th – Boomtown festival, Hampshire (UK)
18th – Groeningan (NL)
20th – Wuppertal (DE)
27th – potentially in Norwich (UK)

2/3/4 – Common Ground Fest, Forest of Dean (UK)

Thats all so far, of course we will end up playing more shows as the months go on, so dont hesitate to contact us if you want us to play your show.

For now, we are wishing strength and solidarity to all our friends and comrades all over the place, to those who are being sentenced, repressed, exploited and fucked up by this doomed system every day.


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