Back in the game!

Hey everyone,
I am out of prison and it feels so good!
I appealed the verdict of 45 days, not expecting anything to be accepted, but it was!
So now i have done 30 days, and have a pending 15 days that will be decided by the appeal court if i should have to do the rest. That it not until october lets see if i feel like going back 😉

So until the next pie i am free!

It was a bit surreal at first to be out but i am here with my good buddies, and coming back to them has been fantastic. I feel very grateful to everyone who send letters/zines/pictures being on the radio, making banners and things and i hope you can all feel my love, where ever you are.

I am going to write some more, very soon as me and R are putting together a zine about prison. So keep your eyes out for more info and thoughts about this weird experience.
There are still a bunch of people all over in prison. So lets keep supporting them and giving them strength to get through the shit times.
If you feel like writing letters was a fun thing to do, you can always keep writing to other prisoners, for example, Turtle There are also a bunch of people in the jail that i was in that would like letters. So if you feel like writing some, drop us a message and i can give you more info.

Lots of love and fire to you all.
Back in the game!


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