Holiday time…

So we decided to take a few days holiday and do some fun stuff, considering the last month has been stressful and difficult in both our lives, and we wanted to take a chance to chill out and do some nice stuff before getting back on the road for the next tour. Its still a bit strange to be free from prison, i am looking at it like some kind of surreal, dream-like experience where i can’t believe i actually spent a month there. I am reflecting on a lot of things, and mentally gathering together all the things that i learnt from myself and other people during this time, so i guess its nice to have these few days of chilling out to understand what is next in my mind.

We have been throwing a lot of ideas around for projects we want to get going, and one of them is to make a zine about our experiences of prison in this situation, talking about the reality of prison from the inside and about the roles of support and solidarity from the outside, with pictures and letters that i recieved, some letters or essays from other people imprisoned as well experiences of police repression in the last month, and general info about what happened in Oslo and how it reflects the actions and agendas of the state in a larger context. We would really like to make this in the next month or so, if anyone has any experience in making zines look good then we would appreciate any help.

We are also still in the process of putting together the hunt sab compilation CD, its been a busy 6 months and this has kinda slipped to the bottom of our to-dos but it WILL happen! The hunting season will be starting again in the next couple of months and its vital that there are people going out each weekend all over the UK, trying to stop beings from getting killed – to do that they need money for fuel, land-rover maintence and equipment, so if peeps are able to support them in anyway by holding fundraising events or by any other means of expropriation then that is really great. Hopefully we can get this CD out as soon as possible to contribute towards that.

Then there’s the sweet patches that Sheridanistan made for us to throw out into the world, we have sold a bunch already which is great, if people would like to get in on that then just visit our bandcamp page where you can find them. We are offering a very good capitalist deal that people would be a fool to miss out on! Obviously we need to raise some money to put out our CDs and travel to shows and stuff but of course if you are also broke then we can work something out.

The radio shows that R has been doing in Oslo are probably gonna become podcasts from them, since we aren’t in Norway anymore. They wanna try to do that as much as possible but obviously it won’t be as frequent as before. But we’ll post stuff about it on our page when it happens.

So, for the next tour….

14th – Queer Summer Camp, Munster, DE
18th – Bambara, Groningen, NL
21st – AZ, Wuppertal, DE
24th – Climate Camp, Rhineland, DE
27th – Anarchist Bookfair, Norwich, UK


1st – The Chelsea, Bristol, UK
2-4th – Common Ground Festival, Forest of Dean, UK

We’re very excited to be going on tour with Days and Daze, as well as playing with loads of great bands all over the place, and we’re gona be travelling with a distro again which will be fun.

I’m taking the time to write back to everyone who sent a letter and didn’t get a reply, i hope I can do this within the next couple of weeks (as I don’t have so much time on my hands compared to in prison…) so if you didn’t hear anything back from me yet, just know that your support and humour really was the most incredible thing to recieve and i hope that we can continue supporting each other through shitty prison sentences and other repression that we face. The amount of people that wrote ‘tear apart the walls’ inside their letters was really a strong reminder of the impact that we all have on each other in so many ways and if we can keep using our strength and care for each other as a tool against this shit then i think we have a better chance at surviving <3

ALSO here's a pic from our friends at Grangegorman (squat city) in dublin, they are gonna be evicted soon and need all the help with resistance that they can get. Sending love and solidarity across the seas!1907744_750031961761528_2352441834898657863_n

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